Mediation is a great means to assist in reaching an agreement. Mediation allows you the opportunity to mediate an agreement and to place higher importance on matters that are of more importance to you. It allows you to ensure that the other party involved hears you and your reasoning behind your position.

Mediation can be conducted face to face, virtually or by way of a shuttle mediation, meaning neither party is in the same room. It allows for a final determination of your matter, and in most cases final orders can be signed that same day and filed with the Court.

Mediation is a great alternative and is now a necessary requirement in Family law. It takes away uncertainty and allows you to have control over the outcome of your matter and allows you to be heard with your concerns and needs. It ensures that the decision reached is you own as opposed to a judge imposing a decision on both you and your former partner.

Mediation involves an independent third party known as a mediator to assist you in reaching an outcome in your matters.

It is generally a structured negotiation process, that can be used early on in your journey to reach a resolution and can assist in potentially avoiding the significant cost and stress involved in ongoing conflict and litigation.

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